Create your first mobile app with thunkable!

If your intended product/solution includes a mobile application, there are a variety of app development environments for you to choose from. Thunkable is a simple to use platform for developing applications for both Andriod and iOS as it uses block coding, which means that to build an app, all you would have to do is to drag and drop your functions in the build screen.

Registering for the service

Signing up for Thunkable is very simple. Click the Sign up button on the top right hand corner and sign up either with your Google account or email

After you are done, go to your App Store or Play store to download the Thunkable app as this app is used to visualise the app that you have built in Thunkable.

After you have downloaded the mobile app, simply sign in to the same account as the one you registered to Thunkable with.

My First App!

Have a simple tutorial for the students to try out first.

Planning your application

Assuming you already have your ideas generated and you (and your team) has confirmed on the idea, it is time to plan the layout of your application. Before you begin programming your app, it is important to visualise and plan what you would want your application users to experience!

Integrating a Web API into your application

What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface and it basically allows applications to communicate with one another.

For this tutorial, we will be interfacing with a Web API to retrive data and then display in our app.

App Layout

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Control your SSTuino with your app!